Agoric Records

The Agoric Records

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I'm using this site to gather information around Agoric, Object Capabilities, and to experiment with Indieweb features.


The Agoric Records is where I’ll be organizing information about Agoric, Eric Drexler, Mark Miller, E-Rights, and Object Capabilities.

I’m quite intrigued by what I found to be a sort of lost history of Smart Contracts.

A year ago, I couldn’t find too many people who knew about this, but I found about the E-Rights smart contract language while researching a basic introduction to the subject.

I came across:

    • A Next Generation Smart Contract and Decentralized Application Platform (Vitaliks ANN post on lambda-the-ultimate)

      Smart contracts and related languages have a long discussion history on LtU

I didn’t understand why noone was talking about it, but I found someone who knew about it, and am just beginning to fall down this particular rabbit hole.

Each of these pages will gradually gain structure, and I expect for this to become a formidable resource, over the course of time.

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