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Published by Josh Vogt on

The Lighthouse score for this project is...really good.


Screenshot of Lighthouse Score. Score is detailed in text. They are good scores.

The scores for this project are: Performance: 98 / PWA: 91 / Accessibility: 100 / Best Practices: 100 / SEO: 100

When I ran this through Google Lighthouse I knew there would be two things that would cause the score to drop: the site doesn’t automatically re-direct to https and render blocking scripts.

The first happens because I’m using a sub-domain for the test site. If it runs under a custom domain this will be fixed. It’s the same deal when hosting on GitHub pages - you can access your site over https but traffic directed to http won’t automatically re-direct.

The second happens because of the Netlify identiy widget that’s used to access Netlify’s CMS. I don’t know how to get around this one yet.

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